1 (Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics)
2 (Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics)
Corresponding Auhtor Title Corresponding Proposed Book Title Proposed Chapter Number (red=book 2)
Das, Swagatam Swarm Intelligence Algorithms in Bioinformatics 1 4
*Bogan-Marta, Alina Language engineering and information theoretic methods in protein sequence similarity studies 2 8
*Burns, Gully Intelligent Approaches to Mining the Primary Research Literature: Techniques, Systems, and Examples 2 2
*Cao, Yingjun S. pombe and S. cerevisiae Gene Regulatory Network Inference Using the Fuzzy Logic Network 1 12
*Chaira, Tamalika Intuitionistic fuzzy set: Application to Healthcare 2 3
*Chow, Tommy Selecting Genes from small sample sets of microarray gene expression data 1 11
*Donkers, Jeroen Belief Networks for Bioinformatics 1 3
*Ebecken, Nelson  Auxiliary tool for the identification of genetic coding sequences in eukaryotic organisms 2 7
*Haavisto, Olli Multivariate Regression Applied to Gene Expression Dynamics 1 13
-Han, Aili DNA Encoding Methods in the Field of DNA Computing 1 15
*Jain, Vishal Brain-Gene Ontology: Integrating Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics Data, Information and Knowledge to Enable Discoveries 2 11
*Kaderali, Lars Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks From Expression Data 1 2
Kelemen, Arpad Review of Computational Intelligence for Gene-Gene Interactions in Disease Mapping 1 1
*Kocsor, Andras Tree-based Algorithms for Protein Classification 1 7
*Kreinovich, Vladik  Aggregability: Its Importance in Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Computations, Algorithms and Computational Complexity 2 4
*Kroc, Jiri Computational Modeling Epithelial and Mesenchymal Interactions During Morphological Development of Tissues 2 13
*Kvasnicka, Vlado Artificial Chemistry and Molecular Darwinian Evolution of DNA/RNA-Like Systems 2 14-15
Liang, Yulan Time Course Gene Expression Classification with Time Lagged Recurrent Neural Network 1 6
Liang, Yulan 2 Comparisons of Statistical Learning Approaches for SNP Selections and Disease Classifications 2 1
*Mhamdi, Faouzi Feature Construction to Discover Knowledge from Biological Sequences 1 5
*Navas-Delgado, Ismael The Amine System Project: Systems Biology in Practice 1 14
*Schaefer, Gerald  Fuzzy classification for gene expression data analysis 1 10
*Sehgal, Shoaib Gene Expression Imputation Techniques for Robust Post Genomic Knowledge Discovery 2 9
*Sehgal, Shoaib 2 Computational Modelling Strategies for Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction 2 10
*Siebel, Nils Evolutionary Learning of Neural Structures fo Visuo-Motor Control 2 5
*Singh, Ashok Dimension reduction for performing discriminant analysis for microarrays 2 6
*Smith, Scott Covariance-Model-Based RNA Gene Finding: Using Dynamic Programming versus Evolutionary Computing 1 9
*Tasoulis, Dimitris Computational Intelligence Algorithms and DNA Microarrays 1 8
*Zezula, Pavel Efficiency and Scalability Issues in Metric Access Methods 2 12