List of Accepted Papers

Neural Networks and Applications

A Full Explanation Facility for Using a MLP that Classifies Low Back Pain Patients and for Predicting its Reliability

M.L. Vaughn, S. J. Cavill, S. J. Taylor, M. A. Foy and A. J. B. Fogg


Use of Multi-category Proximal SVM for Data Set Reduction

S.V.N. Vishwanathan and M.N. Murthy


Neural Techniques in Logo Recognition

V. Joshi, L. Jain, U. Seiffert, K. Zaga, R. Price and F. Leisch


Motion Detection Using Cellular Neural Network

S. Belkasim and O. Basir


Speech Separation Based on Higher Order Statistics Using Recurrent Neural Networks

Y. Li and M. W. Powers


Speaker Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks

D. Jianping and R. Venkateswarlu


A Multifacated Investigation into Speech Reading

T.W. Lewis and D.M.W. Powers


Global Optimization of Neural Networks Using Deterministic Hybrid Approach

G. Beliakov and A. Abraham


AppART: An ART Hybrid Stable Learning Neural Network for Universal Function Approximation

L. Marti, A. Policriti and L. Garcia


Intrusion Detection Using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines

G. Janoski, S. Mukkamala and N.B.A. Sung


A Hybrid Detection and Classification System for Human Motion Analysis

        K. Tabb, N. Davey, R. Adams and S. George


Integrated Technique with Soft Computing for Temporal Video Segmentation

G. Sorwar, M. Murshed and L. Dooley


Matching Data Mining Algorithm Suitability to Data Characteristics Using a Self-Organizing Map

K.A. Smith, F. Woo, V. Ciesielski and R. Ibrahim


Contour Interactions via Surface Sensitive Feedback Gated Diffusion of Boundary Signals

Z. Nedic, P. Lozo and L. Jain

Fuzzy Logic and Applications

Fusion of Fuzzy System and Conventional Technique to Evaluate Weather and Terrain Effects on the Military Operations

A. Pradhan, L. Jain, A. Filippidis and F. Leisch


Soft Computing Models for Short Term Load Forecasting in Czech Republic

M.R. Khan, A. Abraham and C. Ondrusek


An Induction Algorithm with Selection Significance Based on a Fuzzy Derivative

M.A. Mamedov and J. Yearwood


Adaptive Database Learning in Decision Support Systems Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems: A Generic Framework

C. Tran, L. Jain and A. Abraham


Histogram-Based Fuzzy Clustering and its Comparison to Fuzzy C-Means Clustering in One-Dimensional Data

A. Chong. T.D. Gedeon and K.W. Wong


Optimizing Linear Programming Technique Using Fuzzy Logic

S. Petrovic-Lazarevic and A. Abraham


Semantics for Fuzzy Disjunctive Programs with Similarity

D. Guller


An Integration of Fuzzy and Two Valued Logics on Natural Language Semantics

T. Maeda, I. Hayashi, M. Umano and L. Jain


Fuzzy Hyper planes in the Hypothesis Place

M. Eineborg

Evolutionary Computation and Other Heuristics

A Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Throughput in Non-broadcast WDM Optical Networks

H. Podnar and J Skorin-Kapov


Solving Trignometric Identities with Tree Adjunct Grammar Guided Genetic Programming

N.X. Hoai 


Integrated Evolutionary Algorithms with Sexual Reproduction

P. Osmera


Evolving Natural Language Parser with Genetic Programming

G. Dulewicz and O. Unold


A Linear Genetic Programming Approach for Modeling Electricity Demand Prediction in Victoria

M. Bhattacharya, A. Abraham and B. Nath


Flexible Generator Maintenance Scheduling in a Practical System Using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm

D. Srinivasan and I.M. Malik


Information Space Optimization with Real Coded Genetic Algorithm for Inductive Learning

R. Orihara, T. Murakami, N. Sueda and S. Sakurai


A Comparison of GRASP and an Exact Method for Solving a Production and Delivery Scheduling Problem

J.M. Garcia, K.A. Smith, S. Lozano and F. Guerrero

Intelligent Agents and Applications 

MEBRL: Memory Evolution Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithm of MAS

L. Chang and J. Yang


Agent Representation and Communication in Tutor

R.L. Reyes and R.C. Sison


Agent-based Software Engineering And Agent Mediations

C.F. Nourani and CoPilot


Agent Based Virtual AI Classroom

F.N. Alpaslan and L. Jain


An Argumentation-based Multi-agent System for eTourism Dialogue

J. Avery and J. Yearwood


Modeling a Distributed Management System for Cooperative Agents

N. Etani


Bayesian Methods / Rough sets and Applications

Linear Discriminant Text Classification in High Dimension

A. Kornai and J.M. Richards


A Bayesian Track-before-Detect Algorithm for IR Point Target Detection

R. C. Warren


Application of Bayesian Controllers to Dynamic Systems

R. Deventer, J Denzler and H. Neimann


An Algorithm for Automatic Generation of a Case Base from a Database Using Similarity-Based Rough Approximation

L. Geng and C.W. Chan


A Family of Algorithms for Implementing the Main Concepts of the Rough Set Theory

M. C. Nicoletti and J.Q. Uchoa

Intelligent Data Mining and Information Analysis

Value of Information Analysis in Dynamic Influence Diagrams

S. Xu and K.L. Poh


An Automated Report Generation Tool for the Data Understanding Phase

J. Vesanto and J. Hollmen


Determining the Validity of Clustering for Data Fusion

K.A.Smith, S. Chuan and P. Putten


The Performance of Small Support Spatial and Temporal Filters for Dim Point Target Detection in Infrared Image Sequences



Using Petri nets for Modeling Branch Control of Pipeline Processors

J.F. Tu and L.H. Wang


Extended Vector Annotated Logic Program and its Applications to Robot Action Control and Automated Safety Verification

K. Nakamatsu, J.M. Abe and A. Suzuki

Hybrid Systems Applications: Reviews and Frameworks

Overview of Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Statistical Inference and Its applications

T. Bo and C.C. Chai 


Insurance Applications of Soft Computing Technologies

A.F. Shapiro


Teaming Human and Machine: A Conceptual Framework

P. Urlings and L. Jain


Dynamics and Thinking of Social Systems

V.I. Svetlicnny 





2001 International Workshop on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Adelaide, Australia