ISDA' 02 - List of Accepted Papers

#103  A Performance Assessment of Bayesian Network Models as a Predictor of Breast Cancer Survival - Amy Moore and Albert Hoang

#104  Tuning of 2-DOF PID Controller by Immune Algorithm   - Dong Hwa Kim

#105  Parameter Tuning of Fuzzy Neural Networks by Immune Algorithm - Dong Hwa Kim

#109  An Intelligent Method for Processing String in 3-D Based on its Minimum Energy - Rahmat Budiarto, Abdullah Zawawi Hj Taib, Zaharin Yusoff and Masashi Yamada

#110  Web-based Fuzzy Neural Networks for Stock Prediction - Yu Tang, Fujun Xu, Xuhui Wan and Yan-Qing Zhang

#111  Web-based Learning Evaluation Fuzzy Expert System - Ramdane Issolah and Yan-Qing Zhang

#113  Forecasting Solar Cycles with GP - M.A. Kaboudan

#114  Intellectual programming - Krasilov A.A.

#116  Fast data storing and retrieving by using Fuzzy Data Window Memory - K.M. Chow, W. Lee and A.B. Rad

#119  Non-Linear Factor Analysis (NLFA) with Feedforward Networks Performs Non-Linear Data Reduction with Extraction of Linear Scores - Seppo Karrila

#120  Extremal Optimization: an Evolutionary Local Search Algorithm - Stefan Boettcher

#121  RBF Neural Networks for Classification Using NMew Kernel Functions - Hamparsum Bozdogan and Zhenqiu Liu

#122  A Neuro-Fuzzy System for Ash Property Prediction - Giovanna Castellano, Ciro Castiello, Anna M. Fanelli and Michele Giovannini

#123  Real Time Fuzzy Personalized Web Stock Information Agent - Yanfei Wang, Yan-Qing Zhang, Saeid Belkasim and Raj Sunderraman

#124  Nonlinear Credit Assignment for Musical Sequences - Judy A. Franklin and Victoria Manfredi

#126  An Algorithm of Fuzzy ISODATA Dynamic Clustering - Cao Xiedong and Zhao Jinzhou

#127 Impromptu: On-Demand Self-Servicing Software Framework - Ella Grishikashvili, M. Allen and A. Taleb-Bendiab

#128  Unified Descriptive Language for Association Rules in Data Mining - Zahid Hossain and Sk. Ahad Ali

#129  Simulated Annealing with Advanced Adaptive Neighborhood - Mitsunori Miki, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu and Keiko Ono

#130  HOLMES: A Prototype for the Targeted Research of Information about Hi-Tech Companies - Nicola Capuano, Matteo Gaeta1, Fabio Gasparetti and Alessandro Micarelli

#131  Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Exact Techniques applied to TSP - Carlos Alberto Rossel Jahuira

#132  Dynamic Agent Population in Agent Based Distance Vector Routing - Kaizar A Amin and Armin R Mikler

#134  Intelligent System Modelling and Simulation using Hybrid Recurrent Networks - D. Al-Dabass, D. Evans and S. Sivayoganathan

#135  Fast adaptive control of a complex non-linear system by adalines: motion in a fluid under thruster power - Gilles Labonté

#137  Neuro-Computing Based Canadian Weather Analysis - Imran Maqsood, Muhammad Riaz Khan and Ajith Abraham

#139  Mobile Robot Control Using Intelligent Agents - K. Figueiredo, M. Vellasco and M.A. Pacheco

#140  Memetic-Neural Scheduler of Jobs in Identical Parallel Machines - Tatiane R. Bonfim, Akebo Yamakami and Gisele C. Cardoso

#141  Wavelet-Based Neural Net Application for Feature Detection and Classification - Ajay Verma, Akif Ibragimov, Satheesh Ramachandran and Richard Mayer

# 142  Control and Identification for Non-Linear Systems Affected by Noise Using Wavelet Network - Smriti Srivastava, Madhusudan Singh and M. Hanmandlu

#144  Multi-Resolution Model Fusion For Corrosion Classification - Satheesh Ramachandran, Ajay Verma and Akif Ibragimov

#145  A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Automated Custom Document Assembly - Lisa Purvis

#146  A Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Fuzzy Constraints - Luciano de Moura and Akebo Yamakami

#147  MOGADES: Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm with Distributed Environment Scheme - Jiro Kamiura, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, Mitsunori Miki and Shinya Watanabe

# 148 Temperature Parallel Simulated Annealing with Adaptive Neighborhood for Continuous Optimization Problem - Mitsunori Miki, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, Masayuki Kasai, Keiko Ono and Takeshi Jitta

# 149 DCMOGADES: Distributed Cooperation model of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm with Distributed Scheme - Tamaki Okuda, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, Mitsunori Miki, Jiro Kamiura and Shinaya Watanabe

#150  An Expectation Maximization Algorithm Working on Data Summary - Hui Dong Jin, Kwong Sak Leung and Man Leung Wong

#151  Genetic Algorithm Based Product Mix and Material Match - Sk Ahad Ali, Robert de Souza and Zahid Hossain

#152  Intelligent System Design Using Artificial Neural Networks for Automatic Semantic units Extraction in Medical Literature - Clara Pérez

#153  A Block Based Cellular Neural Network Architecture for High Storage Capacity Pattern Recognition - Ming-Jung Seow and Vijayan K. Asari

#154  Frames in the Human-Operator Behavior Analysis - Alexander M. Yemelyanov

#155  Comparison Theorem for Hybrid Fuzzy Differential Equations - Abdelkrim Brania, Negash G Medhin and Masilamani Sambandham

#156  Distogram: a translation -- and rotation --invariant and scale- covariant signature of a primitive shape - Geehyuk Lee and Misook Sohn 

#158  Applying the Multi-Agent Paradigm to Reconfigurable Hardware --A Sensor Fusion Example - Hamid Reza Naji, John Weir and B. Earl Wells

#159  Designing a Neural Network with Gradient Flow - N. Del Buono

#160  A Concept-based Model to Facilitate Automated Negotiation in Multi-agent Systems - Simon Fong and Sofia Zhung

#161  Performance Analysis of Connectionist Paradigms for Modeling Chaotic Behavior of Stock Indices - Ajith Abraham, Ninan Sajith Philip, Baikunth Nath and P. Saratchandran

#162  Transforming Backpropagation Neural Networks to Decision Trees Using NN-DT Cascade Method - Milan Zorman, Peter Kokol and Bruno Stiglic

#163 A Hybrid Fuzzy-Neural Network for Modeling Short-Term Demand Forecasting in Czech Republic - Muhammad Riaz Khan and  Ajith Abraham

#164 Regression Analysis Using Fuzzy Neural Networks - Rajan Alex